I believe that success comes from passionately following your dreams and the willingness to put in the effort to do so.

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My name is Florin Capota and I am a designer by choice, dedication and hardwork.
I specialize in logo design and visual identity design. I help companies around the world to express their true self visually and reach their audience by providing strategically crafted solutions.

A thing that you discover by accident can change your life forever and transform your whole future.
When the calling is so strong that it starts an itch you cannot scratch, you must address it, and quickly, with full responsibility and seriousness.

It's what happened to me with logo design back in 2008, while being still in college and working as a webdesigner. My employer asked me to design a logo for a product the company developed. That experience opened a new window for me and I knew this is something I want to do from that point on.

The thing that fascinates me the most about logo design is the fact that a logo is an amazing conceptualization for a business and its branding and communication strategy.

One of the things I love most when designing a logo is the zoom factor. If I got you confused then let me explain. At one point I may be refining a curve, or adjusting a shape, but later on I have to take a step back to see the overall picture, understand how that simple change affects the overall tone and what it transmits in the grand scheme of things.

I believe that by doing what I love to do most I am helping others do what they love most.

During my seven years in the industry I've had the chance to work with amazing people, people that are passionate, people that hustle, people that found the purposes of their businesses extend over the financial gains. Every one of those projects was a learning lesson for me, and I am totally grateful for being able to learn still, collaborate with awesome businesses, meet great entrepreneurs and quite frankly... never get bored!

Florin Capota

The harsh truth and the opportunity

A logo does not have magical powers.
(That's mainly because I can't transfer my powers yet, but I'm working on it.)

Jokes aside, the logo is not your brand; it can't tell your whole story to the world, The Nike swoosh, the Apple... apple, or the Coca-Cola wordmark did not determined the success of these companies because they look good, these logos got invested with meaning over the course of many years through smart branding and the quality of the interaction between the company and the consumers. But it's hard to find a great company with a poor designed visual identity. The logo is so important because it's the one identifier that is enabling your consumers to have a visual translation for all the primal signals of your brand.

Let's talk about the project

Every curve, shape or color is transmitting a certain feeling and has a specific tone. Understanding that and using these characteristics intentionally in the design make the difference between a good solution for the business, one that will help it in the long-run or a merely eye-pleasing image.

If a brand knows itself, knows the context in which it operates and knows the consumers, then a proper visual language can be created so that its audience understands what the brand is about and can properly identify it in a crowded environment, engage with, and hopefully love it. The long-term success of any business is a pretty long series of steps and one of the most important ones to start with is crafting a good visual identity.


The creative process

See how i work

In every project I am giving all my knowledge, expertise, and creativity. I see it as my responsability to understand your business and create a solution that will take your business where you want it to go. I will not hand over multiple options that you can choose from because that would mean a half done job, instead we will have an open process where the business goals dictate the best solution.


After the first contact you will receive a briefing questionnaire that will enable me to understand your business and brand, along with your business objectives. Based on the specifics of your project I will send a proposal and the process will start once 50% of the agreed ammount is being paid.


I make a brief market reseach, looking at your competitors, observing and understanding your business and industry. Brainstorming sessions paired with rough sketching follow, resulting in various visuals and mind-maps. Usually I create a moodboard to help me with articulating the brand's visual tone.


From the initial sketches I refine up to four directions and based on all the previous research and our discussions I will be able now to extract the one best possible option for our project scope.
You will receive a presentation containing the conclusions of the initial analysis alongside, the thought process and the other visual directions that led to the selected solution.


The end solution gets the final touches and is digitized, followed by color exploration, taking into consideration the brand attibutes and the overall tone of the brand.
If you opted for a an identity package, typography selection comes is the next step, followed by the design of the materials included here (business card, letterhead, anvelope etc.) ensuring the overall visual identity has a cohesive feeling.


The final presentation is being put together and sent over, and after the payment is done I will send over all the deliverables and a copyright form where you are given all the rights for the materials provided.

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